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Ozone Therapy Natural ozone therapy boosts oral health in Fort Lauderdale

One of the most significant modern advances in healthcare is development of therapeutic ozone. This substance is formed when oxygen splits into two separate molecules and then collides under electrical charge, forming 03. Ozone is a powerful oxidant capable of destroying disease-causing pathogens. It is utilized as a gas or liquid, to clean tissues in the body that have become unhealthy. Dr. Boris Lipovetskiy is pleased to bring the benefits of ozone therapy to patients in the Fort Lauderdale area.

How ozone improves health

Ozone has a negative charge. Its nature is to neutralize the positive charge of elements it meets. Unhealthy cells and pathogens such as cancer cells, viruses, fungi, and bacteria, as well as free radicals, have a positive charge. The membranes of “good” cells have a negative charge, like ozone. In its effort to neutralize the positive charge, ozone permeates the membrane of diseased cells, quickly destroying them without detrimental effect on healthy tissues.

Ozone Therapy 01

Ozone in dentistry

Our primary uses for ozone therapy include:
  • Cavity repair – As a gas, ozone permeates difficult to reach areas. Ozone gas may be applied to any surface of the tooth to destroy cavity-causing bacteria. Depending on how quickly decay is found and treated with ozone, there may be no need to disinfect the tooth with a filling.
  • Periodontal disease During deep cleanings, ozone may be used as an oral rinse or applied in gas form to fight infection and reduce pockets around teeth.
  • Root canal treatment – Ozone eradicates all traces of bacteria from root canals, for improved outcomes. Usually no antibiotics (which can have systemic side effects) are needed.

Ozone Therapy 02

Ozone Therapy 03

One of the most important benefits of ozone in dentistry is that it has no contraindications and no risk of allergic reaction – it is simply energized oxygen. Call (305) 680-1551 to discover how ozone therapy is helping patients in the Fort Lauderdale area achieve better oral health.

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I get my teeth cleaned here every 6 months; surprisingly it's done by a dentist and not a hygienist. I have also gotten fillings done here on a couple of teeth. I had a sensitive tooth and got a fluoride treatment once. All top notch work! Friendly & chatty dentists and front office staff.

Most importantly, I got my wisdom teeth extractions done here. No swelling, almost no pain - quick & easy. And a tooth was impacted!

I have good insurance so my out of pocket is very low, hence I cannot comment on the cost. I highly recommend this office. It's in a nice clean safe neighborhood. Stop by at Trader Joes on your way home.