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Dentist Yonge And Eglinton

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The Most Common Dental Problem

Tartar is a hard deposit which forms when plaque is undisturbed for a long time and begins to calcify. After a number of weeks, a hard yellowish calcified layer can be seen. This yellowish hard deposit is rough and porous. Consisting of mainly mineralized areas, it also contains bacteria, toxins, and debris that are lethal to teeth. The rough surface of the tartar provides an ideal site for the adhesion and the growth of bacteria. Tartar also absorbs stains easily and quickly leads to more severe dental problems.

The Two Types of Tartar

There are basically two types of dental calculus. There is supragingival tartar which forms above the gums and is visible on the top of the teeth. Then, there is subgingival tartar which forms underneath the gums, between the teeth and gums.

Treating Tartar

Subgingival tartar is more highly mineralized than supragingival tartar and is considered more harmful because of its location.
Tartar accumulates as a result of improper oral care. Once formed, it can be removed or treated only through professional cleaning by a dental professional. Tartar can also be inhibited by anti-tartar agents, such as polyphosphate found in some kinds of toothpaste whereby the crystal growth of the tartar is inhibited and reduces buildup.

Preventing Tartar Build-Up

The most effective way to prevent tartar buildup is to maintain a proper oral care routine. This includes routine brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash at home as well as visiting Brush Floss & Smile Dentistry for regular cleanings and checkups. You should floss at least once a day and brush at least twice a day for no less than two minutes each time. The use of an appropriate toothbrush, like one with a special criss-cross bristle design will also help to remove more plaque. Reducing the build-up of plaque can also help prevent tartar.

Electric or power toothbrushes with a small, round brush head and an oscillating and rotating head have been found to be the most effective in the fight against calculus. Use it in conjunction with fluoride toothpaste with a proven anti-tartar efficacy.

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