Missing teeth can take a serious toll on your self-confidence by making functions such as eating and speaking a challenge.

Dentures replace several missing teeth or an entire dental arch, restoring the function and appearance of your smile.

So why should you choose dentures?

Dentures Make It Easier to Eat, Speak, and Smile.

Addressing tooth loss can take years off your appearance.
Designed to look like natural teeth, dentures can be customized to complement the shape of your face and improve the appearance of sunken cheeks and puckered lips.

Dentures can dramatically enhance your quality of life.
They can renew your ability to eat comfortably, enunciate clearly, and chew properly. With a fully functional smile, you can enjoy life more freely.

Implant-supported dentures provide many unique benefits. 
Dental implants secure your dentures firmly in place and prevent jawbone recession, which occurs after tooth loss. 

Let us show you how...

Implant-Supported Dentures

If You Are Suffering From Tooth Loss, You Are Not Alone.

Dentures can help you no matter how many teeth you are missing.

before and after dentures

I've Heard Dentures Are Expensive...

Not necessarily. The average cost of a single traditional denture ranges from $1275 to $2750. Often, insurance will contribute to the cost of your treatment.

While implant-supported dentures are more expensive and rarely qualify for insurance coverage, they are a worthwhile investment in the health of your smile. Dental implants allow you to chew, speak clearly, and smile without worrying that your denture will shift out of place.

With several options to choose from in terms of materials and other features, you can select the type of denture that suits your budget, lifestyle, and personal goals. 

So what does a denture look like?

Small metal clasps secure partial dentures to neighboring teeth.

What to Expect

For traditional removable dentures, your dentist will...

For implant-supported dentures, your dentist will...

I want dentures. But am I a candidate?

Explore Your Options Today

If you have several missing teeth, your dentist may recommend a partial denture. Patients missing all of their teeth are usually candidates for a full denture.

To be eligible for implant-supported restorations, you must have enough jawbone tissue to support dental implants. Bone grafting can be performed to restore lost tissue in the event that you have experienced jawbone recession. You must also resolve any conditions such as periodontal disease prior to treatment.

Don't let tooth loss ruin your smile. Dentures can replace missing teeth and last for five years or more with proper care. Schedule an exam today to find out how you can enhance your life with dentures.

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